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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Capital Punishment....

Capital Punishment is a violation against justice

Capital punishment, the death penalty or execution, is the killing of a person by judicial process for vengeance and incapacitation.
It is used today and was used in ancient times to punish a variety of offenses mainly murder of an innocent.

The procedure of capital punishment is such that the culpable is placed in jail while the result of his crime is deliberated by the judicial system over a long period of time.Although it is still carried on in many countries mostly Asian it has also been abolished and termed as “An inhuman act of punishment by the law”.
It has created great controversy over the past few years. One side may agree with the idea of convicts & murderers being sentenced to death while others tend to oppose such an idea which tarnishes human morality.

My opinion about capital punishment is this that it is indeed a wrong, bias and painless means of punishing the guilty.

It is the violation of human rights. Capital punishment might be quoted as the universal punishment for a criminal but then again we are not the one to take away life.We are given a life by God and only He has the power and the right to take that away from us.

We forget one main thing though:-
Criminals are not born but made!

An act of crime may not always be intentional. We as human beings tend to act on our emotions. What if a person kills another due to provocation, in the spur of the moment, should such a person receive death sentence. What if he too has a family, is it right to allow revenge and hatred to take such control over us that we see justice as a means of satisfying one’s revenge. If that is so then it is not justice but plain malice.

Justice is based upon the principle of righting a wrong, of improving a person who has done wrong, of taking that 1% chance of making a criminal into a better person. If a man commits 15 murders that too intentional; he will be punished with death sentence. Killing him will definitely not get our loved ones back. This death penalty which we think is so effective will be redemption, means of escape for the crimes this killer has committed.

It is understandable that forgiveness is not easy but revenge won’t bring peace to one’s mind either.
“Love thy neighbor as u love yourself”. Don’t fill up your life with hatred and revenge. Be the better man, the better human being. Making the guilty suffer through years of imprisonment, making him realize his mistake, turning a criminal into a better human being is just.

In those countries where death penalty is legal, the crime level has not decreased. We think killing a man will lessen the no. of murderers out there in the world then we are wrong! It will only lead to more hatred towards humanity which will result in innocents being killed all the more.

As Gandhiji rightfully said “An eye for an eye makes the world blind

He takes a life, you take his life and this cycle goes on forever until there is no one left. Intentional murderers, psychotic killers, such people cannot be treated through death, keeping them away from the rest of the population, making them work, giving them lessons which are not sugar coated but the plain truth along with real life stories can change the personality of criminals.

One criminal made good can change an entire generation of people. We might not know this but years in prison is torture not comfort for a prisoner.There are prisoners out there who beg for death. To make them suffer, repent over their actions is the best means of justice and not capital punishment.

Take for example freedom fighters Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Raj Guru (India’s true patriots). They were given capital punishment by the British. Their cause was meant for the freedom of their country yet they were punished. Fighting for your country can never be wrong, we achieved freedom that too through nonviolence but we lost 3 noble men. Was it justice? I think not. If capital punishment had not been given to him; he would have lived his life and embraced death at God’s call.

At the end I would like to conclude Life is not an object which you can give or take. Dieing must not be taken as a means of escape from one’s mistakes. Learning and improving is what is important. Like I quoted before “Criminals are not born but made”…. We can make them into better beings.
Only then can justice be served on the people…..

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