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“I believe that there are days in our lives when we feel defeated in our efforts but not in our intention.

I believe that there can be no bigger God than the One within Us.

I believe there can be no bigger Buddha than that of Universal Peace.

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Thursday, January 31, 2008

'The Living Amitabha Buddha'..- The Karmapa

The Lord Buddha Sakyamuni foretold the coming of the Karmapa in various Sutras and Tantras. From the Samadhiraja Sutra,

"Two thousands years after my passing,The teachings will spread in the land of the Red faced ones,Who will be the disciple of Avalokita.At that time, the bodhisattva Simhananda, known as "Karmapa" will appear.Possesing mastery over samadhi,he will tame beings And establish them in bliss through seeing, hearing, recalling and touching.Endowed with a name beginning with 'Ka' and ending with 'Ma', there will appear an individual who will illimunate the teachings"

Dalai Lama Vision..

Before the boy lama was chosen His Holiness the Dalai Lama had a vision, in which he saw green mountains covered with meadows and two streams where the name 'Karmapa' resounded in the air !

In 1985, a male infant was born into a nomad family in the Lahtok region of Eastern Tibet. In the months prior to his birth, his mother had wonderful dreams during her pregnancy. On the day of his birth a cuckoo landed on the tent on which he was born and a mysterious conch like sound was heard by many in the valley. These are considered auspicious according to Tibetan tradition.

The young nomad was called Apo Gaga. In his early years he did not speak of any connection to the Karmapas. However in 1992 he asked his family to move their location to another valley and told them to expect the arrival of a High Lama. Soon after the High Lama 's followers, of this Buddhist lineage, came to that valley as per his secret instructions in the letter of prediction

The Living Buddha in Dharamsala with Group from Portugal...
Poem of the of the 17th Karmapa...

Poem of the of the 17th Karmapa...

" Coming from the son of the precious Buddha The smiling rays of luminous Dharma. Bring to blossom the lotus garden of the Sangha, the Supreme assembly. May the three realms reveal all their beauty in auspicious Glory. In this New Year may there be Peace and Prosperity on this Earth !! "

A Helping Dalai Lama's Abode !

Compassion into Action in the Town of 14th Dalai Lama ..."There is no better International Language than that of the Human Heart which can cross all International Boundaries !"...

Today's world requires us to realise and develop a sense of universal responsibility and caring. It is obvious that the challenges and issues faced by the global community today require us to cultivate not only the rational mind but also the other faculties of the human spirit; the power of love,compassion and solidarity.

Volunteering in Dalai Lama's home town is a gesture of concern, care, compassion and love. To our minds it is a 'Healing of the Heart'..a soothing balm for all those moments of our lives when we are most vulnerable !

We had been trying to do this page from nearly two weeks and it was depressing for us because everything was going at a snail's pace. Our town was in a frenzy with the rains and Teachings of His Holiness, the Dalai Lama !!..yet it was comforting for us to be with our stray dogs in our Animal Care Center, just doing their little jobs..because we could forget our problems when we mingle with others and feel connected to a bigger world than ours..which is our beautiful Universe !

Our decision to adopt Barnie...our pet Baby Bull who had been left stranded and abandoned from his Herd and Mother, came at a very difficult time of our lives. Surprisingly, Barnie has given to us some of our most 'Happy Moments' when we have felt that our difficulties were very tiny as compared to someone who had 'No Home..!!

Our guests had come to Dharamsala to visit their young student son, who had been staying with the Monks in the Local Monastery helping them and teaching them English. We were intrigued by their obvious pleasure and happiness which showed on their proud faces by just seeing their son...grow up in the ambience of love and compassion..! Surely while some come here for spiritual mentoring with the Monks, there are those who at an early age have learnt much by sharing and volunteering their services in the abode of the Dalai Lama.

There is a Tibetan Nun in Dalai Lama's town in Mcleodganj who goes from House to House every day collecting food for her stray dogs irrespective of rain or snow,...such is the power of Compassion !

In Dharamsala, Angling is a popular activity, however it is done with responsibilty..Fish breeding on a regular basis, Angling for fun where the fish is returned back to the Water by the tourists . There is a strict practice in our region of banning Fishing for two months in a year (June/July) during the breeding season . No sale of fish is allowed in the Market. There are many Holy Lakes where you can earn Karmic credit by feeding the Ancient Fishes !

Thirteen Grandmothers from all over the World gathered together to fulfill a prophecy ringing in their ears, to find ways to revive the traditions, rituals and medicines which could help preserve our 'cultural heritage' and in saving the Earth's environment. The Princess of France Constance De Polignac is the Ambassador of the International Council of Thirteen Indegenous Grandmothers, while the inspirational force are the Dalai Lama's Green Earth Teachings for this Universal Endeavour !

Fountainhead of Neo-Buddhism - Dharamsala !!!

Namaste Buddha
Opening the doors of your Heart and connecting to the Divine Buddha within you, through the windows of the Mind. The Enlightenment of the Mind is, of various levels and has to be interpreted and discovered through one's own experience and values of life.

The Human mind is as restless as the Wind but through Meditation, when tamed and under control it is the most powerful force in the whole Universe. He who has mastered His own mind is indeed, 'Master of all the three Worlds' - AKASH (Sky), PRITHVI (Earth) and PATAAL (Underworld) as the Mighty Maha Yogi - 'SHIVA'!

In Dharamsala, the abode of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, a spiritual center for healing of the soul, mind exercises are taught as a practice, to achieve a balance between the Mind, Body, Spirit and the Human Heart. A person can make better choices by developing a more focused mind, clarity of vision, and higher self esteem related to 'Human dignity'through this Ancient Art of Higher Wisdom !