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“I believe that there are days in our lives when we feel defeated in our efforts but not in our intention.

I believe that there can be no bigger God than the One within Us.

I believe there can be no bigger Buddha than that of Universal Peace.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Every friend in life is the most beautiful gift of God

"Tell me what company thou keepst, and I'll tell thee what thou art."

I walked along the ocean,
my head bowed low in sorrow,
I hardly handled today,
how do I cope with tomorrow?

The day was like every other;
the pain, the grief inside.
My strength was running out,
I could no longer hide.

The pain was immense that day,
It had never been that bad!
But all of a sudden, out of the blue,
I didn't feel so sad.

Something happened that day,
The weight became like a feather,
It'll never be entirely gone though,
The memories are there forever.

Although I still look back and cry,
I had a friend to confide,
One who means the whole world to me,
One who helped me reach the stronger side.

........Naintara Gurung

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