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“I believe that there are days in our lives when we feel defeated in our efforts but not in our intention.

I believe that there can be no bigger God than the One within Us.

I believe there can be no bigger Buddha than that of Universal Peace.

Join in my good karma and welcome to my blog !!!”


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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Mantras and Chants !

The many faces of Mantra and Chant goes back to the ancient shrines of Buddha and Tibetan Astrology. Even before Man learned to pray the chanting of Mantras was done on Glass hand made beads which today can be seen on many a hand. Prayer to Shey beads ....Rudraksh and semi precious stones wound round a simple piece of thread often spell divinity for the wearer.

From the young to the old,from by lanes to streets ...forgotten trekking trails to Fashion ramps chanting beads can color the scene any where. The Indian Malas,the rosary of the saint,the tear drops of Shiva...Prayer beads tread back to ancient culture....from doorstep to personal fashion
find out this chanting world....!

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