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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Memoirs of Rosewood Table..Of Food & Pets, 2012 !

There is so much which centers around the dining table which, has seen many hungry and happy faces reach a state of fulfillment, pleasure and happiness..

" While there are many moments which I will never forget with the Gurung family, I cannot but help remember the old chief of the Vidya Niwas pet family..Tabu !

From what I can remenber..Tabu alias Tumba got his name from the children due to his great  fondness and should I say 'greed' for good home food. The rising aroma  of  melted cheese on minced lamb, chicken and mashed potatoes, very often drifted into a home surrounded by guests, children..not to forget the other pet members..Bozo !

I speak of a day with great pride because no one could have received better attention and a guard on duty, like I did. It was a sunday and there was as usual, a spirit of expectation among all children and pets alike, for the good food to come on the table. Alas ! the little white dog,  Bozo could not resist the good appetising smell of a loaded table with  an array of delicious food. He tried to jump on the table even as we waited for everyone to arrive for dinner...What a commotion..the black dog, Tabu guarding the food table like a baby sitter, suddenly sprang into action which such speed and aggression...Till today, it is difficult for all of us here in Vidya Niwas, to get him away from his old guarding habit when there is food on the table...Iam truely honored and treasured, not just by the Gurung family but, also by my beautiful black Himalayan dog..Tabu, truely mountain in his spirit..!!"

*Memoir dedicated to our dear and loving dog..Tabu.


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