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“I believe that there are days in our lives when we feel defeated in our efforts but not in our intention.

I believe that there can be no bigger God than the One within Us.

I believe there can be no bigger Buddha than that of Universal Peace.

Join in my good karma and welcome to my blog !!!”


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Monday, January 16, 2012

The Nostalgia of Home Flavors..!

Much after we have moved on in our lives, the home we have lived in, is almost like a second skin, in whose memories we often, carry ahead all what we have learnt.

..Cooking at Vidya Niwas, Dharamsala, was only carrying on the tradition of good hospitality and sharing of food and recipes. On Many occasions, I have served the 'roast' on the table and allowed my guests the honor of garnishing and tasting the meal has taught me, to understand not only, the flavors which favor the tongue of many global travellers, but also somewhere deep left a desire.

As the days go by, we hope the young, who have visited us and my children, will carry this pleasure and teaching on the table is an exercise of the heart, which can heal you and others with its thanks giving joy..!!

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