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“I believe that there are days in our lives when we feel defeated in our efforts but not in our intention.

I believe that there can be no bigger God than the One within Us.

I believe there can be no bigger Buddha than that of Universal Peace.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Rain.... eternal bliss!


It' a soothing liquid,
It' the essence which washes away your sins,
Its the sheathe for your lonely soul,
Its rain, water showering from the heavens above.

Everywhere in the world rainfall is evident, even if it's in small amounts when it comes it brings about a milieu of serenity .
Harsh rainfall might sound thunderous and very devastating but in my opinion it' the unleashing of Heaven' power upon the earth.

We are not talking scientifically about rain nor is its definition...
Rain here is described as a persona of the human mind. Though people do not see; Rain reflects so many emotions from its actions.

A heavy rainfall is like life' fracas struggling in one's mind, slight drizzling suggests the balance between the heart and the body....
Rain mustn't be taken for granted for it is water after all; Water is one of earth' most valuable resources which in today' world is being consumed at a very fast rate.

Rainfall occurs in different amounts all over the world. Deserts will have less rain while the tropics more.
Dharamsala which lies in the south Asia; extreme north of India receives rainfall in abundance. In this holy land rainfall appears completely at unexpected times. True that rain makes the grounds muddy, dirty and the air is infested with bacteria and viruses but all that if put aside; Rain is the most beautiful sight a person gets to see...

Imagine you're trapped inside your boring old house, all alone but when looking outside the window, upon seeing those crystal droplets falling on your windowpane, the pitter-patter calms one's confused or worried mind...
Doesn't matter if you're alone, you don't feel alone... It's almost like the rain has formed an appearance of it's own and just by listening to it your mind is occupied even though if you're not aware of it.

This is the rain in Dharamsala, it consumes your mind and lifts your spirits. Such is the positive and healing effect of this place that such a thing as rain doesn't feel low aspiring.

You'll be walking down the lanes of Mcleodgunj, your umbrella in hand whilst little children can be seen running towards their homes coming back from school.
Suddenly your umbrella blows away while you're surprised and Yes! starting to get wet.
But it doesn't bother you because the rain is like a balm that seems to relieve your haggard body. You don't care if you get wet, all that you need is hot desi tea from the nearby stalls. The temp. is freezing and you're shivering with the chilled air but then one bite of those steaming hot delicious momo' and you've just had the best day.

Life' simplicities can bring about the most experiencing, cherished and magnificent times you can ever spend. Rain is just a constituent, a catalyst for this long lasting contentment in one' heart and soul!...

Naintara Gurung

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