Namaste India

“I believe that there are days in our lives when we feel defeated in our efforts but not in our intention.

I believe that there can be no bigger God than the One within Us.

I believe there can be no bigger Buddha than that of Universal Peace.

Join in my good karma and welcome to my blog !!!”



Saturday, November 15, 2008

CHEERS TO THE FUTURE:-For all the holy angels on earth
Playing games, without the thought of victory
Or failure, nothing affects your pride
Running about places, taking over field
Your feat of innocence, truth covering words
Often worried, just for basic stuff
Food, water, toys and mum
A few good old caring chums
That’s the most you care about
A life cheerful, mind of purity
Soul divine, playing awhile
Happiness to surround, awhile
Joyous, contended the world for you
Here I stand to hug and wish

Friday, October 10, 2008

No Title....

The Last Memoir:-

It was the year of the Dragon according to the Chinese calendar. But I wasn’t a Chinese nor was I Japanese by birth. I had no porcelain white face with slanting tiny eyes.
I was just a 13 year old child who had no knowledge of the world’s hideous facade. I knew not of the shadowy clones who called themselves human beings but performed terrible crimes behind the wall of some piece of construction.

Embraced within the loving arms of my parents; everything to me, to this little girl of age 13 was a rainbow. During that particular year, that time when sins of mankind played their scenes over and over again in some part of the world, the city, disturbing the peace of the nation; even during such chaotic situations I remained immune to everything around me. I saw the world a fantasy land filled with my childhood imagination. It mattered not to me who was good or who was bad; all remained serious to me only for a few seconds and then I would drift to another thought that would suddenly hold my interests.

Now that I come to think of it very few memories rarely come across my mind but that day shall never be erased.
It was confined, trapped, stuck whatever u may call it… It was my only immovable infant reminiscence.

It had been a nice sunny morning, a Sunday ambience flowing along the household.
Everyone was busy being involved in their morning rituals. Mother singing her melodious bhajans, Father reading the newspaper a little too seriously, Cook bustling about the kitchen preparing breakfast, the house maids gossiping in a little corner and the grumpy old gardener scratching his head trying to figure out who ate his flowers.
I remember myself hidden amongst the bushes of our lovely old lawn playing with my little dog Skip.

So lost in my innocent act I failed to notice my parents surrounding me with the gardener tapping his foot impatiently as he looked upon Skip.
“…Was him mam!”
I’ll never forget that gruff voice. My parents looked not too happy…. So what if I let my dog play in the gardens meantime destroying the beautifully planted flowers.
But all was not forgiven. Even though I was allowed to tag along with my parents to the market I wasn’t allowed to marvel the city’s busy market area since according to my mother I had been a naughty girl.
I had to stay inside the car, my face not so very happy then while my parents carried out their errands.
It had just perhaps been to me a few seconds when I felt slow rumbles below me.
I won’t admit but I was fascinated since the quivery movements grew almost as though currents after currents flowed beneath me.

And then it stopped. I was disappointed for my curiosity had not been satisfied….
5 seconds and then came my answer. Like a thousand blasts a huge bomb erupted right in front of my eyes. It was not too very far from the car. People ran about, fear encompassing their forms as death lashed its cruel hand upon the innocent. Blasts after blasts, shockwaves traveling across and the grounds booming with heavy metal the city was in chaos. The cries and screams of loved ones being killed could be heard all over.
I had hidden myself behind the car seat not daring to look ahead. It was like a nightmare walking alive in front of my eyes. I cried inwardly for my mother’s soothing voice, my father’s strong comfort but it seemed in all that confusion nothing was detectable. Everything was shuddering and breaking to pieces…. Thankfully the ear splitting screams slowly as though one was falling asleep died down.

It was at the stillness of the environment that I had the pluck to slip out of the car.
My feet touched the grounds; my eyes had been shut tight. It was too scary to look at.
I had felt my instincts telling me what was ahead was bad, something worse than my mother’s scolding something so horrifically real that it probably had eaten away my parents too.
That thought struck me hard, my parents… I wailed deep inside as a pang of pain shot through me.
I opened my eyes to gasp loudly. The sight was blood curling. It was revoltingly downright monstrous for a child. But I walked for I wanted my mother and my father.
My feet stepped into crimson pools of blood, my tear driven eyes watered more upon seeing the people, people whom I’d seen laughing dead with the ghastly looks upon their faces.

I wanted to run but I just couldn’t. I carried my frightened body further across until I stopped. There in front lay an old man injured, battered beyond words almost as though he had come back from a long battle.
He had a light smile grazing his face. It puzzled me so much so that I ran towards him and sat beside him clutching hold of his bloody hands.
He looked at me with hope in his eyes.
“Thank God I’m leaving this wretched world of sorrows, Live well my child” He had said before his eyes closed shut.
His eyes… They had been the doorway, the opening to a sickening realization of the type of world I actually resided in.
I didn’t understand then for I was a child, but what angered me was what came next.
I waited for help to arrive and when it did it came in huge white vans with red signals bellowing loudly wide across.
I was taken care of by the nurses; my father and mother were merely bruised thank the heavens they were safe.

What I had seen had been nothing easy to watch.

Even today I can see it happening right before my eyes….It isn’t the river’s water which flows in front of me; it is blood which once flowed through the city’s streets.

Today as I write this essay I cannot speak nor feel the pain people might have had to suffer due to the terrorist attacks which recently occurred.
We are yet too young and inexperienced to actually understand the true meaning of life and death. It won’t come that easily. Even as I write this I probably myself am too immature to know what true pain really means. I hope that in this forsaken world people will try to cease the conflicts which arise not just within themselves but within the society. In time I pray that not just the youth but even the elders will see through the mistakes of the past and will try to rebuild a better and safer future for us… The younger generation…..

.....................Naintara Gurung

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Everyday' Different...

See through the looking glass.... You'll find Life' diversities flying...

Where is the moment we needed the most
You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost
You tell me your blue skies fade to grey
You tell me your passion's gone away
And I don't need no carryin' on

You stand in the line just to hit a new low
You're faking a smile with the coffee to go
You tell me your life's been way off line
You're falling to pieces everytime
And I don't need no carryin' on

Because you had a bad day
You're taking one down
You sing a sad song just to turn it around
You say you don't know
You tell me don't lie
You work at a smile and you go for a ride
You had a bad day
The camera don't lie
You're coming back down and you really don't mind
You had a bad day
You had a bad day


You wake up every day,
The sun shines bright,
Crimson rays falling on your window-pane,
A new beginning for you to start,
Have no idea what' gonna take place,
But u get up and head for the road,
Cause u know there' something waiting..
Waiting for you for sure.....

Misunderstandings pave your way,
From one corner to the other you try to walk away,
But still you get caved in,
Those problems ache your heart,
But still in the end you have to face them'vall

You're in the dumps
Feel like over the hedge
Yet still there's a sunshine in your life
It'll illuminate your world with so many signs,
You gotta see through the radiance not glance at it,
Cause it's your way out through harsh perils.


Life is weird.. Life is sad.. Life is funny .. Life has its despairs....
You never know what might happen in the future... Life is unpredictable in every manner... You just have to keep your eyes open, let not the larger things of life whisk you away from the reality , but notice the smaller specks which always hang around your sides...

Life is living... Life is one heck of a puzzle... Just don't try to solve it... It'll settle by itself...

................ Naintara Gurung

Monday, June 23, 2008

Rain.... eternal bliss!


It' a soothing liquid,
It' the essence which washes away your sins,
Its the sheathe for your lonely soul,
Its rain, water showering from the heavens above.

Everywhere in the world rainfall is evident, even if it's in small amounts when it comes it brings about a milieu of serenity .
Harsh rainfall might sound thunderous and very devastating but in my opinion it' the unleashing of Heaven' power upon the earth.

We are not talking scientifically about rain nor is its definition...
Rain here is described as a persona of the human mind. Though people do not see; Rain reflects so many emotions from its actions.

A heavy rainfall is like life' fracas struggling in one's mind, slight drizzling suggests the balance between the heart and the body....
Rain mustn't be taken for granted for it is water after all; Water is one of earth' most valuable resources which in today' world is being consumed at a very fast rate.

Rainfall occurs in different amounts all over the world. Deserts will have less rain while the tropics more.
Dharamsala which lies in the south Asia; extreme north of India receives rainfall in abundance. In this holy land rainfall appears completely at unexpected times. True that rain makes the grounds muddy, dirty and the air is infested with bacteria and viruses but all that if put aside; Rain is the most beautiful sight a person gets to see...

Imagine you're trapped inside your boring old house, all alone but when looking outside the window, upon seeing those crystal droplets falling on your windowpane, the pitter-patter calms one's confused or worried mind...
Doesn't matter if you're alone, you don't feel alone... It's almost like the rain has formed an appearance of it's own and just by listening to it your mind is occupied even though if you're not aware of it.

This is the rain in Dharamsala, it consumes your mind and lifts your spirits. Such is the positive and healing effect of this place that such a thing as rain doesn't feel low aspiring.

You'll be walking down the lanes of Mcleodgunj, your umbrella in hand whilst little children can be seen running towards their homes coming back from school.
Suddenly your umbrella blows away while you're surprised and Yes! starting to get wet.
But it doesn't bother you because the rain is like a balm that seems to relieve your haggard body. You don't care if you get wet, all that you need is hot desi tea from the nearby stalls. The temp. is freezing and you're shivering with the chilled air but then one bite of those steaming hot delicious momo' and you've just had the best day.

Life' simplicities can bring about the most experiencing, cherished and magnificent times you can ever spend. Rain is just a constituent, a catalyst for this long lasting contentment in one' heart and soul!...

Naintara Gurung

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A blooming light...

Mother's day- Naintara Gurung

I knew not the impulse which had me startled
For the first time as I opened my eyes,
I felt it, I felt my life alter.

Like a fire her warmth enveloped me,
As she embraced me within her heart
I knew then, I had the most loving start.

The time passed by as I grew up,
Never did she leave my side
I would call & she would come.
Through my darkest times and through the bright,
She put a smile upon my face like a sanguine sunrise!

I still remember my first book,
Her soothing voice was what I loved.
She would read me stories and make me laugh,
Even the most serious things seemed far apart.

My first song was one which she had composed,
I can feel my heart swell with pride and love
She was like an everlasting nightingale
So cheerful that I have no words other than praise...

There were times when I would sulk and cry,
She would scold me like an unsettled tide,
I would misunderstand like every teenager,
Then would slam the door and be a loner...

She's doing it for my own good; I realized,
I would calm down and then apologize
She's a rock, my strength
Without her I would be nothing nor have nothing to tell...

She'll always be the first to confide in,
She's my best friend,
No one can take her place
She a great mother I say!

Today is the day special for all mothers
I'll be frank here, My mom's best from all!
I make my mistake' and she would amend them..
She is the mother that I'll love forever....

So here I'm to say those words,
Those three words which hold a grace..
Only for her, Only for my mother..
"I'm saying it mom!, Happy Mother's Day!"

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Building the ties....

Dharamsala is a trendy, cool little town..
What's different is the dressing style that has slowly come to develop in this radical area....
What with the traditional Himachali apparels to the Tibetan urban line, the Indian tang in the midst of the streets of Dharamsala and then there's your strikeouts westernites....

People here shop to rock!..
You will never know when u might come across people with the most unexpected of all dresses.. Hippies will be hanging around the streets of Mcleodgunj, Tibetans will be bargaining their prices, the richie rich people will be shopping madly away and then there'll be us who'll pick up other item s other than clothes like bracelets, Mala's , rings with beautiful stones embedded upon them...

Dharamsala is filled with people strolling along with the most updated and fashionable styles of clothings which can outwit the everyday designs...
Why u ask?... Well it's because the people themselves funk the styles to bring about outstanding results of modernized clothing...

Its comfortable, easily available, not too cheap neither is it too costly...
Looks great, brings out your personality and one more thing...
U are the one who fixes the whole style of the outfit....

Dharamsala has moved to an entire new level when it comes to fashion...
It's nothing that u will see in cat walk shows but let's say everyday lives..
This very fact delights and encourages not only the people here but the foreigners as well...

On most of the occasions you'll find the himachali's all dressed up and ready in their traditional dresses for a marriage ceremony to take place...

The manner in which all the fashion senses blend in together in Dharamsala is what makes it exciting...
Anywhere u go you won't find the same thing but a diverse environment all together..!
The great wall of difference between our cultures, our traditions, the environment in which we reside in can be termed as unique...

Imagine, if like we mix up our clothes, in the same way if we combine our differences then don't u think that would result in a much peaceful world..
I guess you can understand my meaning for writing everything so far...
Like everyone has a double, this very thing has a double meaning...

There's a lesson and a reason behind every article, ever statement, everything which I write... It's in your hands to see it through and understand the meaning.....

Naintara Gurung

Friday, April 11, 2008


Navratri or the Festival of Nine Nights from Ashvin Sud 1 to 9 is devoted to the propitiation of Shakti or Divine Mother. She represents prakriti, counterpart of purusha jointly making possible the creation of the world according to the religious ideology of Goddess worship. Such worships were prevalent in India even before the advent of the Aryans, who adopted it as a religious practice. References in vedas and puranas confirm this opinion. The main temples of mother goddess that are visited by multitude of devotees during Navratri are the shaktipithas, of which there are three in Gujarat. It is believed that Lord Vishnu had to cut the body of Sati into pieces to stop the destruction by Shiva who was perturbed by her death. At fifty-two places these pieces fell, the three in Gujarat being; Ambaji in Banaskantha, Bahucharaji in Chunaval and Kalika on Pavagadh hill in Panchmahals.

This festival is essentially religious in nature. It is celebrated with true devotion in the various temples dedicated to the Mother, or Mataji, as she is familiarly called. In some homes, images of the Mother are worshipped in accordance with accepted practice. This is also true of the temples, which usually have a constant stream of visitors from morning to night.

The most common form of public celebration is the performance of garba or dandia-ras, Gujarat's popular folk-dance, late throughout the nights of these nine days in public squares, open grounds and streets. Females wear ethnic Chania Choli and Males wear Dhoti-Kurta and enjoy garba and dandiya ras (dance) the whole Night. The participants move round in a circle around a mandvi (garbo), a structure to hold earthen lamps filled with water and to house the image or idol of mother goddess.

The day after Navratri i.e. the 10th day after Ashwina, is Dussera which celebrates the victory of lord Rama over Ravana. Ravana is burnt in effigy, often giant dummies of Ravana stuffed with fireworks are shot with arrows until they blow up before a large, applauding audience.

The dance which is also a feature of Navaratri is the dandia-ras or ‘stick’ dance, in which men and women join the dance circle, holding small polished sticks or dandias. As they whirl to the intoxicating rhythm of the dance, men and women strike the dandias together, adding to the joyous atmosphere. So popular are the garba and the dandia-ras that competitions are held to assess the quality of the dancing. Prizes are given to those judged to be the best. The costumes worn for the dances are traditional and alive with colour. The dances usually commence late in the night and continue until early morning, testifying to their great popularity.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Religious Day for millions...

Festivals... A day for all... A day on which brotherhood is meant the most..
So many festivals reside in this world today... All belonging to different countries and their particular religions..
Boy am I glad to say people are given the right to celebrate their own individual occasion.. You have to admit the world would be boring if it didn't have a large diversity..
Isn't it exciting and a whole new experience to be part of an occasion you haven't ever been to... Don't you think that it develops a feeling of admiration, greatly increases your crave for worldly experience and most all you have fun!
Well don't know about you but I love all the festivals in the world even if i don't know some of them!

Here I'm again with a whole new page.. Mind you better be a nice person for what you are going to read is very spiritual... Fine I won't scare you my readers...

21st March- A day normal like all others in the scientific sense but if you turn the tables this day holds a very special touch to it.... A day filled with good omens..

21st March is the day on which millions of people will be celebrating two different occasions...

Good Friday

Isn't this awesome??!!.. It's like all your wishes are coming true...
Let's start with the first festival-

Holi :-

Happy Holi
The trees smile with their sprout
of tender leaves and blooming flowers,
Eternal nature with its transient expression.
Hails spring with ecstasy and joy!
Bewildering shades with so many tinge.
The land of beauty and greatness,
India, witnessing color of happiness and peace.
Nation come alive to enjoy the spirit
A celebration of color- Holi!
An experience of content, harmony and delight.

What is Holi about- It's a festival of colors!
'Just like a rainbow colors the sky,
We the humans color ourselves in harmony'

In this festival main emphasis is laid on the burning of Holika or lighting of Holi. The origin of the traditional lighting of Holi is attributed by some to the burning of demoness es like Holika, Holaka and Putana who troubled little children or to the burning of Madan according to others....

Friends, Family and even strangers together rejoice in this beautiful festival marking each other with different colors... Not only do we have fun but also trust me on this one WE GET A LOT OF TASTY GOODIES!!!!

Good Friday:-

And they dressed Him in purple
And condemned Him to die
Mocked, spat upon, and whipped Him
As Pontius Pilate stood by

And with thorns as a crown
He was then led away
To carry His cross
And show us the way

Falling under the burden
Of its heavy weight
But rising up again
Knowing full-well His fate

And meeting His mother
With anguish untold
As God's plan of Great Love
Proceeds to unfold

Simon helps Jesus
Who seems broken and frail
And Veronica steps forward
To wipe His face with her veil

But He soon falls again
For a second time
Paying a price with His suffering
His love being the crime

Women and children
He meets on His way
Then falls for a third time
This most solemn Friday

Adding further humiliation
To any of His woes
Jesus is then
Stripped of His clothes

And while nailed to the cross
His earthly time here passes
His own life He gave
For the salvation of masses

Good Friday, also called Holy Friday or Great Friday, is the Friday before Easter (Easter always falls on a Sunday). It commemorates the crucifixion and death of Jesus at Calvary.
Jesus carries his cross to the site of execution, called the place of the Skull, or "Golgotha" in Hebrew and "Calvary" in Latin. There he is crucified along with two criminals...
Jesus agonizes on the cross for three hours while the sun is darkened. With a loud cry, Jesus gives up his spirit. There is an earthquake, tombs break open, and the curtain in the Temple is torn from top to bottom. The centurion on guard at the site of crucifixion declares, "Truly this was God's Son!"...

Joseph of Arimathea, a member of the Sanhedrin and secret follower of Jesus, who had not consented to his condemnation, goes to Pilate to request the body of Jesus. Pilate asks confirmation from the centurion whether Jesus is dead. A soldier pierced the side of Jesus with a lance causing blood and water to flow out and the centurion informs Pilate that Jesus is dead.

Joseph of Arimathea takes the body of Jesus, wraps it in a clean linen shroud, and places it in his own new tomb that had been carved in the rock in a garden near the site of crucifixion. Another secret follower of Jesus and member of the Sanhedrin named Nicodemus also came bringing 75 pounds of myrrh and aloes, and places them in the linen with the body of Jesus, according to Jewish burial customs.They rolled a large rock over the entrance of the tomb... Then they returned home and rested, because at sunset began the Sabbath......
Naintara Gurung

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Where did the snow go???

Only now do I see white stars falling by,
Your very presence igniting my lands,
Spreading your mist across the sky,
I treasure your existance in my hands....

Your heavenly curtain looks so light,
I ask myself, Is it God's paradise?,
My once lonesome feelings start to disappear,
Twilight light shining my way ....

As the sun sparkles upon my face,
I wake from that slumbered state,
Friends, Family and strangers embark
Your magic causes them to stroll together along...

But Wait! Your white veil starts to fade away,
Oh my beauty please don't leave me here...
Trap me inside your sheet, I pray,
Invisible you become with me here awaiting the next year!

.....Naintara Gurung

Here I'm back again with another new chapter to my life....
Everything I write, I do so for a reason...
Snowfall... Beautiful and inspiring... - You pour your gaze upon it and seconds away you're enchanted... Its an abyss of light, not even the darkest of all things or creatures can taint it....
I would love to become part of it... But alas can't!

This very snow is what I want to talk about right now... Where I live this cold persona is what almost everyone dreams to see one day... Well there was a time when we the people of Himachal Pradesh could witness the Godlike snowfall almost everyday...
But as they say!- Not everything happy lasts long...

Now it's nothing but plain old dry lands to cast your gaze upon.. Where did the snow go??? I as a writer ask you the reason... So many answers yet all leading to one main problem- 'Global Warming..'

Does this cursed misfortune have to land itself on Earth? Why not some other planet!
Well its obvious isn't it? You don't find humans on other planets!
Man is such a vile creature... Pride is always what makes us weak and fall hard on the ground... Everything the changes that had been happening to this Earth is because of the careless mistakes that we make..
I won't mention them for I'm sure everyone is aware of those upcoming problems..
All that I can say at this moment is this that I hope one day I'll be able to enjoy playing in the snow without having to worry that something bad is gonna happen!

I ask from my readers... Don't you agree with me?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Himalayan Species.....

The Himalayas are inhabited by the most mysterious and alluring creatures... Some we have seen while the rest stay hidden away from Humanity.. Since the Himalayas are known to be Majestic Young Fold Mountains; it's explainable as to why they are the perfect place for different species of animals to reside... The snow there might be one of the reasons as to why few creatures are camouflaged... Since the high mountains are almost indomitable, they provide these creatures with protection...
Here are a few pictures of the most rare wild species of animals in the Himalayas...

1.The Himalayan Black Bear
2.The Himalayan Ibex
3.The Himalayan Marmot
4.The Himalayan Snow Leopard
5.The Himalayan Mountain Monkey
6.The Himalayan White Squirrel
7.The Himalayan Wild Fox

Naintara Gurung

Monday, February 18, 2008

Food's so cool!!!

A history with a big chemistry.... You ask how and WHAT??!!!...
We're talking about the famous traditional Indian dessert known as- 'Gajar ka Halwa'..Carrot delight...!
Tasty, sweet, hot and tingling in one's mouth, the minute we cook it at home, becomes history within minutes... It's so delicious that you just can't stop wanting more...
It takes time to cook though, various steps, manners, different ingredients involved it really does seem as though you're in between a chemical reaction!

The Secret Recipe:-

3/4 cup ghee , melted
1 kg carrots , peeled and grated
1 1/2 cans evaporated milk
2 cups sugar
100 g khoya
15 almonds , soaked in hot water,peeled and slivered
1/4 cup water
1 pinch saffron , soaked in the water
1/2 teaspoon cardamom powder
to taste edible silver foil , for garnishing (optional)

1 Grate khoya and keep aside.
2 Combine carrots and milk in a large heavy based pan.
3 Bring to a boil.
4 Lower the heat and cook the carrots, stirring constantly, until all the milk dries up.
5 Pour ghee into the carrots.
6 Add khoya.
7 Saute for a few minutes.
8 Add sugar.
9 Continue to cook and stir the carrot mixture till it dries.
10 Remove from heat when still moist.
11 Stir in the saffron, cardamom powder and almonds, reserving a few for garnish along with silver foil.
12 Reheat carrot halwa just before serving with a little milk.
13 If not serving immediately, refrigerate carrot halwa and re-heat and serve when desired.
14 Handy hint: If u dont have khoya, use 1 cup whole milk powder mixed with 1 tsp ghee and 1-2 tbsp water to get a dough like consistency.
15This makes 100gms of khoya.


Making Gajar ka Halwa is something which is really good.. It feels good you know!
I mean... Take a cold and chilly day.. Everyone's freezing, teeth chattering with the immense drop in temperature.. Now you suddenly come up, your cheeks flushed and your aura filled with warmth and excitement... Pulling out an apron you get set to make an incredibly yummy! filled dish a.k.a- Gajar Ka Halwa!

There was this time when I clearly remember me and my entire family were snuggled up in bed trying to not get frozen... Putting on the television I flicked the channels landing on an animation channel which was displaying cartoons of 'Bugs Bunny'... Munching his carrots like always and starting his introduction with "What's up doc?" I nearly fell from my bed on seeing such a funny cartoon.. Anyone would..
It was then when my mom suggested on making some Gajar Ka Halwa ... The carrots of coarse gave her the idea.. After consecutive hours she finally returned with huge bowls filled with the scrumptious dish... BOY THAT WAS GOOD!- My brother commented after finishing his halwa... Well you can guess what happened!..
My dad who happens to be crazy about the halwa would quietly sneak up and everyday..or night maybe and would eat up all the leftover halwa not even leaving some for any of us.. U can just as well imagine how good it is!..

Monday, February 11, 2008

'Basant Panchami'

A Day of sharing and giving! My mother always told me the best thing we could do for anybody was 'help them in nurturing the mind.' This festival is dedicated to 'Saraswati' the divine Goddess of Wisdom & Arts. A childhood memory which will always stay in my mind is 'giving your old books to charity', opening a library for the neighbourhood by collecting all the books together, flying kites in harmony...coloring our clothes with saffron dyes..the color of spring !!

Most of all I remember praying to the pen and book which developed in me an eternal respect for the written word.

Basant Panchami is a Hindu festival celebrating Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge, music, and art. It is celebrated every year on the fifth day of the Indian month Magh (January-February), the first day of spring. During this festival children are taught their first words; brahmins are fed; ancestor worship (Pitri-Tarpan) is performed; the god of love, Kamadeva, is worshipped; and most educational institutions organise special prayer for Saraswati. The color yellow also plays an important role in this festival, in that people usually wear yellow garments, Saraswati is worshipped dressed in yellow, and yellow sweetmeats are consumed within the families.
Goddess Saraswati prepared for Vasant Panchami in the streets of Kolkata......